Planning Center

Purpose and Philosophy

Biblical Roots

Our Biblical music ancestors span the scripture from Genesis to Revelation: Jubal, the instrument maker; Miriam, singing and dancing once the Israelites were across the Red Sea; the Levites, including Heman, Asaph, and Ethan; the psalmists and the Israelites, who sang these texts; and the hosts of heaven, who sang at Jesus' birth and around the throne of God. The Psalms, the songbook of the Old Testament, provide a wealth of texts about relationships to God - expressing joy, thanksgiving, need, as well as sorrow. Our best Biblical role models are the Levites. They were the music leaders of Old Testament temple worship. I Chronicles 15 offers us information regarding music, instruments, and worship life. The New Testament continues the importance of music and worship in the Christian life. From the story of our Savior's birth through the books of Ephesians and Colossians, the singing of Psalms and spiritual songs is emphasized in all of our lives.

Those called to Serve…

God equips each one of us with gifts, talents, abilities, desires, and passions for different areas of ministry. Westwood Worship believes that your area of service and ministry should line up with your passion, talent, and spiritual gift.

How God has Shaped Me For Ministry

S...piritual Gifts
In music, the level of talent may vary widely, but the passion and desire is the same for all. Before joining, pray God will confirm in your heart that this is an area of service in which you can invest your time and effort for an extended period. Our goal is to involve worship leaders for the long haul in ministry.

The Philosophy of Westwood Worship

Our Vision:

Westwood Baptist Church meets to magnify Jesus Christ and multiply His Kingdom, to mature believers into effective Christ-followers, and to minister in Jesus' name.

Our mission:

1. Relational evangelism - We passionately share the gospel.
2. Worship - We seek intimacy with God.
3. Discipleship - We equip members to practice the faith.
4. Fellowship - We strengthen one another through growing relationships.
5. Ministry - We expect each member to join us in ministering through his or her spiritual gifts and financial resources.
At Westwood Baptist Church, every event, program, and organization is constantly evaluated and updated to ensure purpose and quality. In the Worship Ministry, this is especially true. Every medium is continually refined, re-tooled, dropped, or added so the result will be relevant to every believer and seeker who attends our services.

Westwood Worship Ministry Vision Statement

It is the desire of the Westwood Baptist Church Worship Ministry to reach lost souls in our community and help bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Sunday services provide an "entrance point" for our guests. It is the main introduction of Westwood Baptist Church to our community. The music and drama obviously play a role in the introduction of our church to everyone who attends. Each person who attends has an open challenge to bring someone to worship with them to experience the worship of Westwood. Here are three statements that solidify the importance of the music and the choir:
•Fact: Music is one of the main elements that draws people to Westwood
•Fact: A large majority of the first time visitors speak about the impact the worship ministry and other musical events had on their visit to Westwood.
•Fact: The membership of Westwood loves music.

Musical Styles

"If you try to please all of the people some of the time, you'll end up pleasing no one all of the time."
Our Worship Ministry utilizes a variety of musical styles to include praise and worship, gospel, contemporary, and hymns. Our wide musical choices are relevant for a church wanting to reach a lost and dying world for Christ. Our main goal is to lift up the name of Jesus Christ in all we do as we worship him through music and drama. Our worship leaders realize we are more than a brief commercial leading up to the message. We are a very important part of preparing the hearts of the people to receive God's message.

The Rehearsal experience

The Schedule: Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
7:30 - 8:00: Sight-read 2 new songs and sing through upcoming Sunday's worship songs
8:00 - 8:40: Finalize and work through transitional measures on upcoming songs (3-5 songs)
8:40 - 9:00: Polish Sunday's song and Devotional, Announcements, and Prayer

We try to work six weeks in advance. This way you are assured of 3 to 4 corporate attempts at each song as you keep a minimum 50% attendance. Most secular musical groups meet at least weekly for 2 to 3 hours filled with intense rehearsal. At Westwood, we do not have that luxury. Our people are pulled in numerous directions trying to balance home, job, and their Christian walk. The Worship Choir rehearsal hopes to accomplish the following goals on a weekly basis: Provide an outlet of joy and fulfillment away from daily stresses. Provide a spiritual re-fueling through the texts of the songs and devotionals. Provide a bonding time of fellowship with other believers. Equip you with musical skills that will enhance your God-given talents. Teach expression, both individually and collectively, as we convey the celebration and relevance of the Christian life. Provide a standard of excellence, both visually and vocally, which requires singing with your heart, not just your voice. God sends us people with varied musical skills. You do not have to read music to join the Worship Choir. Over 50% of our choir does not read music at any level. We simply place you near someone who does and the corporate result greatly overrides any individual effort. With just an hour-and-thirty-minute rehearsal, time allowed for "beating out parts" is insufficient each Wednesday during rehearsal. This is where the Planning Center online plays an important role. Use this tool to listen to the upcoming music so you are prepared and sing more from your heart than your head.