Preschool Ministry Director - Cynthia Thompson


Partner with the parents to teach our children a

K nowledge of God's love and to
I nvolve them in God's Word. It is our
D esire to provide a safe and nurturing environment to
S urround our children with spiritual truths.

Preschool Guidelines

  1. Our preschool classes open 15 minutes prior to services and Bible Study.
  2. All parents must register their child with the preschool by filling out a registration card at our check-in desk.
  3. At the time of registration, you will receive a security card for your child. A call number is placed on the tag and will be displayed on the auditorium video monitor if you are needed for your child.
  4. If your child has any special care requirements or allergies, please note them on the registration card. Please make the classroom worker aware of that need.
  5. Please do not bring your child to the preschool room if he or she is sick. We can not accept a child with any symptoms or fever, diarrhea, flu, chicken pox, or any highly contagious illness! Children should be free of these illnesses for 24 hours prior to coming to the preschool.

  6. ***We love children so much that we want to protect them in everyway possible. Remember to pray for protection from sickness and for healing if your child is sick.
  7. We cannot feed your child meals or solid food brought from home. However, we do provide snacks during each service.
  8. We cannot administer medication to your child. If your child requires medication during the service, it is your responsibility to administer it.
  9. Please bring a bag for your child if he or she requires items such as a cup, pull-ups, change of clothing, etc. Whenever possible, please label cups and personal items with your child's name.
  10. Please do not lose the security card issued to you at check-in. You must have this card to pick up your child. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  11. Children should be picked up immediately after the close of each service. If you are not able to pick up your child immediately after the service, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your child. They must have the security card to do so.
  12. No one is allowed in the preschool area or classroom with out permission. This ensures the safety of our children.

Preschool Divisions

    2 Years olds
  • Located in the Family Life Center - 3rd door on the left inside the gym.

  • 3 Year olds – Kindergarten
  • Located in the Family Life Center through the gym doors in the back hall.